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Falkands Centenary stamp

Welcome to our site. John Curtin started the company in 1987 after leaving his position as Vice Chairman of the Royale Stamp Company. Over the past few decades, we have grown into a business that attends dozens of stamp exhibitions per year and travels Internationally to find the best material for our clients. We have established a very strong client base both at home and abroad and we handle almost all philatelic related items. We buy extensively throughout Europe and the UK and we also offer a home visit valuation service. Whether it is a specialised collection or discount postage, we want to buy! 

What we do

We buy and sell stamp collections!

Stamp dealers surrey

Stamp Valuations

We have been buying and selling stamp collections for over 50 years. We know the up to date market prices for almost all types of stamp collection. If there is a chance that you have something that we have never seen then we have a network of expert colleagues who can provide more detailed information.

Stamp dealers surrey

Stamps for sale

We carry a large range of collections and single items. We have small starter collections and mixed boxes all the way up to 5 figure single items and specialised one counrty collections. If you have a collecting area that you are looking to expand please get in touch and we will try to help. 

Stamp dealers surrey

We want to Buy!

We travel to most of the major UK stamp auction houses and some in Europe. Most of our stock is purchased this way but it does mean that ourselves and the owner need to pay auction commision. If a collector contacts us directly, then most of the time we can pay them far more than they might get via an auction. 

Discount postage stamps

Discount Postage Stamps. Save up to 30%!!!!

We buy GB stamps in auction and from collectors that are surplus to our stock needs. These stamps are as issued with full gum and are valid for using to send on letters and parcels. We supply many businesses and charities that require large mailings and are looking to reduce their costs.

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